Activate Your Chakras

activating the chakras

Activating your chakras and allowing a healthy flow of energy is a powerful tool for staying balanced, maintaining good health and advancing spiritually.  There are lots of things we can actively do and tools we can use to heal our chakras and make our lives better.

As the video explained, opening your chakras means connecting with your higher self. For this, we will use an audio meditation that is meant to resonate with every chakra in you body, activating it and aligning it with the rest.


  • Make sure you read all the tutorial articles so you understand what are “Chakras“, “Kundalini” and how to meditate.
  • Use the Lotus pose in a comfortable place (floor, couch, seat).
  • Total silence. Phone turned off, windows closed, any source of noise must be turned off or blocked.
  • Use high quality speakers or headphones. You are working with audio frequencies, so you must use good equipment if you want it to work properly. Don’t listen on laptop speakers or broken headphones.
  • Concentrate on your breathing until you relax, then focus on what you hear. Don’t chant and don’t pray. Don’t think, just listen and feel what’s happening in your body.
  • No matter what happens or what you see, don’t freak out! It’s perfectly normal. Don’t be scared and don’t try to control it. Everything happens in your favor.


  • Mindfulness. You observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad.
  • Total relaxation of any muscular or sexual tensions.
  • High energy. You probably won’t be able to sleep after this meditation.


  • Heat. Because of the high energy flow you’re receiving, you may feel heat in some areas of your body.
  • Involuntary movements of muscles, hands, body (back and forth, sideways). Don’t try to control it, let it happen, it’s normal.
  • Overheating. If you feel you’re overheating and uncomfortable, you can stop the meditation. Don’t freak out, it’s normal. It happens because of the high energy flow that’s healing your damaged energy channels. Yes, you are healing yourself!
  • Memory flashes. Try to analyze them and understand what they mean. It may be a warning or a lesson about your decisions in the past.
  • Clairvoyance. It’s a form of extrasensory perception.
  • Intense light. Even in the dark. Cool, eh?
  • Feeling a presence next to you. Don’t get scared, it’s just your spiritual guide assisting you.
  • Faces, symbols, shapes, entities. Once you raise your vibrational level, you may see and interact with higher beings.

You may fall asleep at the first try but you can repeat it again anytime. It’s perfectly normal. Your body and energy centers are not used to the high flow of energy, so it tends to shut down.
You may repeat this meditation anytime you want, with better and better effects.