Grey aliens are the most commonly reported type of alien. 1% to 3% of US citizens claim to have had an alien encounter, many of these are are “alien abductions.” Grey aliens appear to have been depicted in many ancient cultures, alien hieroglyphs, alien rock art, alien drawings. Grey Aliens are claimed by some to be from other galaxies, other say they appear during occult rituals and link them to mind control, consciousness manipulation (also referenced as “demonic possession”). For some alien respondents, they are are unwilling participants such as “alien abduction victims,” Others in occult belief systems appear to “summons” the same alien / demon entities for the presumed purposes of power, control and knowledge. The word “demon” means “dark knowledge” in Greek. Aliens or “underworld gods” are depicted in cultures such as the Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians as beings which give power and control to the king or Pharaoh (god-king).



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