This mind-blowing journey is intended for your own use, every day if you wish! an excellent tool for self-healing, ascension, increasing psychic awareness and increasing your ability to hold and direct energy for all areas of your life. This is a powerful tool. Please do not use when you are driving!

set up a space where you won’t be disturbed and can fully immerse yourself into sacred space.

Take 30 mins for this thorough meditation journey where you will:
1. receive activation through specific and channeled sound frequencies
2. expand, cleanse and anchor the light body
3. journey into the third eye, and transcend 3rd dimension
4. cleanse and heal 7 chakra system with Angelic invocation
5. integrate and upgrade your physical body

Prepare for a magical and ultra expansive journey with the precision and talented soundtrack by Steve Fearnley of Cloud Farm, NSW.


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