It seems that the Internet is flooded again with fake aliens. Hundreds of bad quality videos (in 2017) with aliens seen everywhere, yet somehow poorly detailed. If it’s a light, it’s an alien. If it’s a shadow, it’s actually an alien. If it’s a dog licking his own nuts in the night, it’s also an alien. Aliens everywhere!

These videos can -and are- being made by After Effects beginners which save them in poor quality so you can’t tell the errors and differences. Wake up people!

Here is an After Effects tutorial on how to add a cool UFO to your footage. Can be seen here: 

  Aliens as Movie Props

USA_SCI_UFO_22_xs Replica of an alien body (a movie prop donated to the museum) in the International UFO Museum and Research Center, 114 N. Main St., in downtown Roswell, New Mexico. Museum visitors begin their tour with a short talk by Dennis Balthaser, a "certified MUFON UFO-ologist" (Mutual UFO Network). The Roswell incident started on 2 July 1947 when UFO sightings were reported during a thunderstorm. Next morning a rancher, Mac Brazel, discovered strange wreckage in a field. When the impact site was located, a UFO craft and alien bodies were allegedly found. On 8 July 1947, the Roswell Daily Record announced the capture of a flying saucer. The official statement was that a weather balloon had crashed. Many Roswell inhabitants, however, believe this a cover up, and that aliens arrived. (1997)     6777818_1_l   Alien Paul standin prop



Fake crop circles tutorial here:

420240  cropcircle  crop circles_4b05c7a31552e_hires


Time to wake up and sense the difference between the real and the absurd!





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