I strongly believe that in order to effectively clear the root cause of a chakra imbalance (or any imbalance in your life) you need to create awareness.

There is no cure all pill that can fix any problem in our lives. We have the power to take control of our state by recognizing what patterns we have which created that issue in the first place.

Journaling is a great way to find clarity. When you have a pen and paper out, ask yourself the following questions: What area of my life do I feel stuck in? At what points of the day do I feel most overwhelmed? Do I have this issue when I’m in the company of others or when I’m alone? Does this issue present itself most obviously when I’m at work or with my spouse? Answering these few questions should help you to begin to get some clarity on the issue you’re experiencing.

Linking Back to the Chakra System

When you know more about the issue that’s triggering your physical/emotional/mental response, link it back to specific chakras. Below are just some of the issues that each chakra deals with:

Root Chakra (colour: red): Issues with family, self-identity, security, stability

Sacral Chakra (colour: orange): Issues with sex, money, creativity, power within relationships

Solar Plexus (colour yellow): Issues with power and the world around you, your perspective on your ability to change the world, feelings of helplessness and victimhood

Heart Chakra (colour green or pink): Issues centered around self-love, self-worth, heartache, lack of love in close relationships

Throat chakra (colour: blue): Issues around self-expression, individuality, blocked expression, lack of discernment

Third Eye Chakra (colour: indigo): Issues around intellect, ability to see truth or a refusal to see truth, difficulty accessing intuition

Crown Chakra (colour: violet): Issues around life purpose, relationship with the Divine, lack of inspiration

Clearing the Chakras

Once you’ve determined the chakras that are associated with your specific problem, you can work to cleanse them. I’m personally a big fan of meditation and use it as my primary means of cleansing my chakras. You can study the “Meditate” section that is intended to cleanse and align all of the chakras. It’s a great daily tool to use to help keep your chakras in optimal health. It’s just a few minutes long and super easy to do during a break at work or add to your morning routine.


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